The rainiest city in the country is soaked with ghosts past and present.

Haunted Mobile: Apparitions of the Azalea City is just the tip of the Port City's 300 year old haunted iceberg. Our ghosts range from Native Americans who were the first to settle this area, to the Europeans who explored and held it, the American pioneers who resided here during the wild and untamed days before statehood, the soldiers who fought over it, and the citizens who have made Mobile the diverse and growing city it is today.

Compiled from the best haunted house stories from Mobile Ghosts: Alabama's Haunted Port City and Mobile Ghosts II: The Waterline, Haunted Mobile features updates on some of the old stories, and an entirely new story about the Mobile Carnival Museum to satisfy fans familiar with these tales, and those who are reading them for the first time.

An entirely new book about Mobile's ghosts is on the horizon. I do plan to finish another book and would love to hear about your true ghost experiences in Mobile, the Eastern Shore and surrounding areas. You can reach me most easily by email:

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